Welcome to the Literary Map! Many famous works of literature have Adirondack links, some of them surprising... This map includes everything from a Nancy Drew novel set in Lake Placid and "The Spy Who Loved Me" in Lake George to classics like “The Sweet Hereafter,” celebrating the intersection of writing and place within the Park. 

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The Adirondack Literary Map is an intuitive way to see the park through a literary lens -- perfect for an afternoon drive, or a family vacation tracing the footsteps of literary giants. 

Easily turn layers on or off, and navigate the map with all the simplicity of Google Maps. Explore the map and find your favorite writers in their favorite places.

If you’re interested in seeing the Adirondacks with a writer’s eye, this map is an exciting travel and reading guide. Do you love Andrea Barrett’s “hill shaped like a dog’s head, its nose pointed south and resting on crossed front paws” or Emerson’s “scented banks of lilies white and gold, where the deer feeds at night”? 

Now you can follow the tracks of these authors. And, if you need to pick up a copy along the way, the map also lists Adirondack bookstores and libraries.