Marketing & Promotion 

Getting the word out! 
If you are a writer who has recently published a book, there are a variety of ways to promote yourself in addition to what your publisher or agent may be doing. Hopefully by now you are aware of the online Writers Resource Guide, a list of ACW member writers and resources. List your achievements here, but also search this site for libraries that might carry your book, venues that might host author readings, and newspapers and radio programs that will feature press releases about your publication (or other literary achievements/events).

Look to spread your events over time and distance, and vary your programs so the audience stays interested in attending multiple events you schedule. Consider serving refreshments. Posters and postcards can help in promotion. Let us publish an announcement for you in "Member News" or "Recently Published" - the web can market to multitudes of people for free!

Attend regional book fairs and sales.

Attend lectures, seminars, and workshops - many listed on our "Events Page".

Helpful links for promoting your book:

Book Fairs & Sales:

Regional Book Sales Finder

Hoss's Adirondack Annual Book Fair

The Chronicle's Annual Book Fair, Glens Falls Local Authors