Angel's Heart Clowns the Ocean

     1. Yo, You got something on your face
Me so mighty I make a ghost of everything
Who you are?
Please believe I know how to heart
sick. There is no leash for this,
only unleash, Nigga.

I know all about your everything
Nigga, I'm all archive and pulse.

I'm steady in the business
of overwhelming of nourish and nourish
nourish to death
too much of a good thing
is still too much.

I invented plenty.

I cover more than half of earth.
know the sun, like a son    Son!
The Moon pull close to me
like it routing for a nipple.
All I ever do is swallow,
       Is claim all that boasts beauty
       Is belong nowhere but my own lonely,

I'm all mouth
all tunnel
I lick the plate
I depth
I depth
a valley of doors

Moderation is for bitches

I Mammoth
I seduce the blood to one spot
I the corset and the rouge
You graveyard
But I haunted house

You call that a tide?
Why you leave so much earth dry?
Your moms ain't teach you to swallow?

     2. I fucked your Moms
My girl, Angel, she a good mule.
She a tidy slaughter.
I say, give me him and give me her
and I'll let your Dad go
she shake her head "No"
I tell her give me your hands
and I'll give you back your throat
she start sweating, she say "No"
Her blood is an endless bed.
I give a fuck about a choice
I make her a charade of holy
a stampede of raw
too much
too much

She can barely look at anything
without crying.

She everything's wife.

     3. I'm your Daddy
Not bomb shelter
Or flare gun
Not life jacket
Or pill
Not parachute
Or held breath
Not blindness     Not death
Can un-ring this bell calling
and calling for every morsel
With nerve enough to be

    Shipwrecked sailors follow
my sorrow-joy for whole lives
they blame love
they blame love,
    Everyday they blame love.


Angel Nafis 

Angel Nafis is an Ann Arbor, Michigan native and Cave Canem Fellow. Her work can be stumbled upon in FOUND Magazine’s Requiem for a Paper Bag, Decibels, GirlSpeak Webzine, The Bear Rivers Writing Conference Online Magazine, MUZZLE Magazine, andThe Rattling Wall

In 2011 she represented the LouderArts poetry project at both the Women of the World Poetry Slam and the National Poetry Slam. Author of the chapbook BlackGirl Mansion (Red Beard Press, 2012), she is an Urban Word NYC Mentor and a currently curates and hosts a poetry reading series in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.