Jamie Sheffield lives with his wife, son, and dogs in the Adirondack Park. 

When he’s not writing mysteries, he’s probably camping or exploring the last great wilderness in the Northeast. Besides writing, Jamie loves cooking and reading and dogs and dozens of outdoor pursuits that his friends and family classify variously as dangerous, foolish, nerdy, stupid, and likely to get the attention of Homeland Security. He has been a Special Education Teacher in the Lake Placid Central School District for the last 15 years, and loves the kids, the work, along with the variety and intensity of his days. 

“Here Be Monsters” was his debut novel, in 2013. In the years since this best-selling novel was published, he has written a series of shorter ebooks that follow the exploits of his protagonist, Tyler Cunningham, along with a pair of follow-up novels. His second full-length novel, “Caretakers”, was published in January, 2014,; “Between the Carries” his third novel, was published in January of 2015. He’s gotten hundreds of reviews for, and sold thousands of copies of, his books, here in the Adirondacks and around the world.