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House of the Rising Daughter

Give thanks to your mansion
of a mama in that cold square room

the push and pull of breath
that brought you round the bend

On the shores of our regret
we celebrate you angel—

the future needs you
to star in its story

Your face a rising sun clotted
with beauty’s blood—your first
glass ceiling so perfectly shattered

Watch how you pounce the horizon—
closed eyes blind with light

ever shining

Head first
into a temple of gloves
hair wet and tangled with
the fury of your coming

Welcome angel
to this crash landing life 

Your battle cry joins the symphony

Samantha Thornhill

Sprouted from a family of educators, Samantha Thornhill is an international poet. She travels the globe performing her poetry to audiences of all stripes and walks of life, regularly performing at universities, schools, and festival stages from Budapest to Brooklyn—the borough where she resides.